Brazil Fazenda Zaroca 250g

Brazil Fazenda Zaroca 250g
4 380 Ft

Green grape, lime and raisin with creamy milk chocolate and hazelnut finish


Origin: Brazil

Farm: Fazenda Zaroca

Variáns: Yellow Bourbon

Feldolgozás: Száraz

1150 m

The Zaroca Farm has been in the Gilberto Basilios family for over 100 years since his grandfather Mario Brito had
owned the farm. It wasnt until After the death of Dona Maria that Gilberto became full involved again as previously
he had been working as an engineer for most of his life. The Farm in 2015 when he returned as in a state of decline
and with his brother Berto they began to turn the farm around. They started to replant areas of the farm with more
resistant and productive varietals such as Mundo Novo and Catuai. They also planted 4ha of Paraiso and 8Ha of
yellow bourbon. Now the farm has 16 trial varietals as well which they will experiment with and decide which are
best to run into production on the farm for yield and cup quality.The farm is a total of 154 ha planted with coffee and
the annual production is around 6000 bags. On the farm 60% is collected by hand due to the geography. To focus
on specialty Gilberto has also introduced static drying boxes to help with developing the flavour profile of his
coffees. Once the coffee has been picked and then separated by density and size the coffees are then allowed to
dry on the patio for 3 - 4 days. After this they are then taken to the static boxes which hold about 30 bags of green
coffee in natural cherry. From here they then undergo 3 days of cold air followed by 3/4 days of warm air to dry the
coffees down to 11% moisture.After this the coffees are then allowed to rest for about 30 days before being milled
ready for delivery to the Cooperative Cocatrel where they are then milled and bagged for export.
250 g/db
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