Ethiopia Wachu Wolichu 250g

Ethiopia Wachu Wolichu 250g
Ethiopia Wachu Wolichu 250g
Ethiopia Wachu Wolichu 250g
Ethiopia Wachu Wolichu 250g
4 200 Ft

jázmin - barack - zöld tea


Origin: Ethiopia

Farm: Wachu Wolichu

Variáns: Bourbon

Feldolgozás: Mosott

2100-2400 m

Wolichu Wachu is a washing station in the Haro Wachu kebele within the Uraga district in Guji. Uraga is one of the
newer coffee producing areas of Guji, with coffee only being produced there for the last 10 years, prior to that it was
too cold for coffee. The altitude in the area ranges from 2100 up to 2350masl at its peak. This washing station is
owned by Haileslassie Ambaye, who have washing stations around Southern Ethiopia. The washing station
purchases cherries from small producers in the area and these are typically small farmers with between 0.5 and 3
hectares of land which is managed organically with compost and is often grow within the native forest. There is a
mix of varieties in the area, some of which are local landrace selections and other selections from the Jimma
Agricultural Research Centre. The coffee delivered to the Wolichu Wachu washing station is pulped, fermented
under water and then washed before being placed on raised beds under shade to skin dry for 24 hours before being
moved to sun drying for another 14 days. At this site the team are very selective about cherry quality ensuring only
the ripest are bought and make sure the coffee is dried slowly with a skin drying phase to start the process.
250 g/db